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The priorities of life

Let’s keep it simple.

Many of us fail to grasp the simplest fact of life that we are wherever today because of our choices and priorities that we set for ourselves until this time- be it consciously or unconsciously. As saying goes- a child has as much time and energy but no money, an adult has enough money and energy but no time, and an old man eventually has enough time but no energy and money! It basically manifests the secret or not so secret maybe, on how human beings are living their life.

So, let me outline the priorities that people need to set to make their life worthy and meaningful since that’s all we essentially are seeking through this or that.

Wellness – As human beings are social animals by nature; they must need friends, families, and acquaintances to share joys and sorrows. Many people often miss the precious moments since they value work or any other things more than families and friends. They chase their career without paying attention to balancing their life which is perhaps the biggest mistake one commits in life. Wellness basically refers to be at ease mentally, physically, and emotionally. And, being at ease physically definitely demands regular workout and exercise which only a small number of people actually do. I cannot help mentioning the lifestyle so many of us are living which is not bringing about wellness in the real sense of the term. For instance: consumption of junk, overlooking the need for rest for the body and mind, chasing high for fun, over-eating, etc. Inevitable gradual decay is happening because of the wrong lifestyle.  Similarly, meditation is something that manifests the very being of an individual by healing all kinds of incompleteness from within. Meditation is the food of the soul. We can practice any active or passive form of meditation based on our nature and inclination regularly that really gives us a sense of blissfulness, benediction, and ecstasy.  Many people are inclined towards nature, music, literature, spirituality, sports, wild adventures, and so on for their solace and freedom that gives an impetus to heal them.


Lucrative skills– Since we live in a world where we get to survive by selling our own talent and competence; we need some of the skills as mentioned below for better livelihood. Unfortunately, many people mistake these precious skills with formal education. Formal education gives us a bird’s eye view. However, we must need extra effort for learning these skills where we can teach ourselves these much-needed skills. Let me mention quite a few of them:

  • Data science- Data/Google analytics
  • AI
  • Blogging
  • Culinary Skills
  • Digital marketing & SEO
  • Ethical hacking
  • Programming
  • Product design
  • Training and Consulting


These aforementioned skills are absolutely significant in today’s time which can be self-taught if we have enough thirst and grit.

Personal development– The constant and regular process of life where one gets updated and upgraded continuously is a very necessary part of life. Many people are simply chasing fun, pleasure, high, entertainment, etc. at the cost of real growth and development which is suicidal. Reading books on a range of subjects including self-development and self-transformation really gives us a unique dimension to live and experiment in many things in life. Actually, anything we do with an objective to be better on information, knowledge, and action falls under this category. Researching could be another factor here. Researching on the mind, people, society, earth or universe would be really worthy things for the upliftment of humankind. These are the categories of people who want to put a dent in the universe as Steve Jobs puts it.


The indomitable nature of human beings is longing for happiness and freedom. The only diversion on the journey of happiness and freedom is because of the entanglement with our thoughtless and impulsive actions which seem to entertain us and give us lots of fun that would ultimately dominate the main course of our life and bring about misery, poverty, and poor health.

Let’s live a life of light so that others can at least be illuminated while they come near us.

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1 year ago

amazing article

Thank You Sir

1 year ago

Worth reading ❤️

MD. Mehbub
1 year ago

This is best article 😃