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The myth of following the passion

How many of you have made promises about what you would do vis-a-vis health, study, career, etc., and not be able to follow them through later? How many of you have been told by motivational speakers or self-help books to follow your dreams or passion? How many of you know what your passion is? 
How many of you think or internalize the basic fact that all of us logically think one way but act the other way with absurdity?
How many of you really have thought of the reasons for all such fallout?
Let’s try and delve into it.
Lucky are the ones who have been able to find what they really love in their life pretty early and follow them through with all audacity and valor. Lucky are the ones who have been very clear about what they want to do in their life pretty early and stick to it no matter what, stick to it despite the sheer opposition of family, society, or anyone.
Lucky are the ones who have had the mindset of not ducking down to any rubbish injected by a so-called wise or intellectual or respected guy from family or society.
The basic point I am trying to make here is one cannot already know what s/he really loves before doing it. The basic process that follows is doing for the sake of doing first and then seeing if one falls in love with the thing that s/he is doing. Hence, one has to try his/her hands on anything and everything that one thinks is on the radar of interest and there is a legit danger of wasting so much time in this process. However, it would definitely pay off eventually if we keep looking for the thing that we really love without settling for something with compromises. Some people might argue that we can turn a task at hand into a passion as a saying goes, love what you do or do what you love but inherent meanings on both things are quite murky since doing what we love is pretty much impossible since we cannot really know if we love anything before we actually do and loving what we do is also an ultimate yardstick one can reach after so much of trial and errors on many levels.  Moreover, it is always a good idea to ask the folks around us to try and keep trying new things until they find the love of their life no matter how hard it is or how long it might take. The tragedy is almost all people give up on their dreams too early. The apparent constraint could be financial, family restrictions, or conformity to societal norms and values, etc.  The only way to advance in life is to be absolutely gutsy to try and keep trying new things until one settles down with the ones that s/he loves in the real sense of the term.

The major thing that I find mentioning here is the impression and impact family, schools, peers, society gives to a budding individual. Most often, the clarity of what one is interested in gets dusted by the unsolicited advice and instruction of “influential people” around us. Clarity of mind is the key when it comes to making a choice of what one really wants to do in life and one does not have to necessarily go through the rigorous and sometimes lengthy trial and error approach if s/he has a clarity of thought which is only possible if s/he is a rebel, non-conformist and stubborn; be yourself also implies the same in essence. Almost all people are actually conditioned to think and believe in a certain way by the environment that surrounds them.

Hence, the moot point is to try as many things as we can, have as much experience as we possibly can gather as the real treasure is the experience one has, NOT the amount of wealth one accumulates, to never settle down for something lesser in life with compromises. “Follow your passion” therefore is not a pragmatic suggestion to the folks as this implies that passion is known in advance which is not simply true. Passion rather is manifested or uncovered while we try and keep trying things in life. 

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Ashish Shrestha
Ashish Shrestha
1 year ago

Really great sir i admire your writing.. There is reality in it

Aashish Dahal
Aashish Dahal
1 year ago

Agreed sir. Also we should began our Trial and error from early age. as per my little understanding, we should follow/encourage western approach of balancing… Read more »