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“Do one thing surely”- Mastering your fate.

How many of you have realized the fact that more than 95% of important things we started with all our hearts have been left incomplete? 


We possibly did not love what we started off or maybe, we just had no focus on the things we really loved!

Let’s get started.

Wandering is the very nature of the mind. This is the age of fast and furious technology and people. Almost everyone wants to get things done within no time with the least amount of effort.
Let me share my little story here:
I am not hesitant to accept the fact that I have been a wanderer all my life and my hands were on all kinds of things, be it literature, science, technology, or spirituality. I mean I was all over as my inquisitiveness and thirst drove me anywhere my mind picked up anything of any interest. The result has been pretty good if I check my general information level on a range of subjects and the result has been awfully bad when it comes to mastering any particular subject and being really really good at the things I care about the most!
Surprisingly, I cannot resist the distraction and deviation even now. I have been practicing focus, perseverance, grit a lot lately. However, I still carry 3 books at a time to read them all side by side since I am bored to flip through the pages of a book. I hope, you’re seeing a pattern of my mind here. And, I shamelessly admit to the fact that I still struggle to be absolutely focused on what I do in my daily life. Actually, there’s no harm doing varieties of things in trying to navigate through the process of life in the pursuit of finding a passion or a sustainable career. However, this is not what happens to many of us. We tend to only switch among mundane things almost in a repeated pattern so that we get tricked by our own minds to be only less than mediocre at what we really care about. Moreover, we only do, watch or read what we are inclined towards, often switching among them within an absolute limitation and a vicious circle would be unconsciously created which is what makes us live in the very cocoon of comfort or convenience. If you ask a girl/guy what s/he wants to do with her/his life, the answer would be normally vague coz many things tend to pop up in her/his head as to what actually s/he wants to do in life. The disease of comparison among many people makes them pretty anxious since they always have a fear of missing out (FOMO). Hence, they even strongly tend to think about everything and put their hands on anything they can possibly grab all along the way which in return makes the case even worse. 

The only and only mantra for doing anything with absolute mastery is to know what you love doing and do it every single day. It sounds very simple coz it is very simple. You can always switch to something else if you are bored or not happy about what you are doing. Having mental clarity is very very very important here. Many people try and do so many things at a time in the name of failing fast and failing forward which would be very very counterproductive as their minds get messier and they would lose focus very soon. 

Do one thing surely is all about completing anything that you ask yourself to complete in a given timeframe. Just pick up a task or maybe a few tasks and do it/them daily no matter what, keep doing no matter what. And, that’s about it. For instance, if you think that you ought to lose some weight to become fitter and healthier, just focus on food, exercise, and your daily lifestyle. Eat healthier, workout, and sleep well. And, that’s about it. Do it regularly no matter what. Don’t let anything or anyone distract you from what you’re doing. Trust me, you would find millions of other things to be unfocused, distracted, and diverted from what you are doing. The only way is to stick to what you’re doing now is to have a handful of things that you absolutely love to do.

Hence, doing one thing surely is not about just picking up a single thing and completing it. It is rather about picking up only very few things, being mindful about them daily, actually doing them in our daily life, and never giving them up until the goal is achieved. 

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